Hello there, my name is Vitalii, and this is my first blog post πŸ‘‹
I’m passionate about software engineering (especially Scala, but also like Python).

The things I feel the most interested in are Functional Programming,
Data Engineering, Distributed Systems in general, Workflow Management Systems, etc.

I believe software engineering (and functional programming in particular) should be:

  • Principled but practical
  • Pragmatic enough but still enjoyable
  • Inclusive and welcoming for newcomers!

First time on this website?

sequenceDiagram participant Guest participant Vitalii Guest->>Vitalii: Hey Vitalii! Vitalii->>Guest: Hello there! Follow me for updates! Guest->>Guest: *Follows Vitalii in social networks*

My content to watch

Sometimes I give talks at software engineering conferences, here are a few:

[2022] Build Invincible Apps With ZIO And Temporal

Do you spend a lot of time making your applications resilient? Dealing with distributed state and locks? Migrating from sync to async communication? Adding retries, tracing?

Take a breath; I can help you focus on business logic instead of these technical issues! Meet Temporal β€” a distributed workflow management system for building invincible apps. It handles most technical problems, such as scaling, transactivity, managing state, and more.

Temporal lets you focus on business needs and produce value quickly! During the presentation, I show how to develop business workflows using Temporal with a brand new, native Scala SDK written for ZIO.

[2022] (in Ukrainian) Stress-free DWH with Delta Lake

Recording of the first Scala Ukraine online meetup

[2020] Scala 3 in Action

New and shiny Scala 3 is coming soon.
The question is - how will your daily code and libraries look like?
I’ll try to answer it!
Let’s compare an existing library rewritten with Scala 3 and look at how much better it has become.
We’ll discuss all the pros and cons for libraries maintainers and their users (memes included)

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